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YourShoutbox is a leading company providing supreme quality chat widgets. Over 6000 websites use our live chat software. Our passionate team put their greatest effort, expertise and engagement to help you achieve your online success!



Delivering innovative and powerful solutions to connect people visiting the same website.



Increase communication between website visitors and connect people of the same interests. Provide the highest quality service by using leading technology and expertise.

We strive to become a world-class leader in our business.



  • Satisfying customers needs by providing best quality service
  • Providing excellent real-time chatting experience
  • Encorporating innovative and smart solutions
  • Putting quality first in everything we do

Users' testimonials

Just wanted to say that we are using shoutbox from yourshoutbox.com on our page and this is an awesome bonus feature for our site! Your shoutbox completely changed the abilty to communicate for our members who so rely on being able to contact each other. It's easy and best of all, it's free and intuitive. Thanks for making such a cool thing!–David Sanchez, Graphic Designer

Thanks so much for creating such a fantastic widget! I've placed it on my blog and it's just great. Private chats and avatars are best of all!–Anna Bolton, Blogger

We have placed your shoutbox on our page a few weeks ago and since then the communication flow beetween us and our clients has improved significantly! It has been really easy to customize graphics and settings so that it perfectly matches our needs. Thanks a lot and keep up good work!–Stephan Muller, Store Manager

I thought that placing a chat on my blogspot would be impossible for such a greenhorn like me. Your step-by-step tutorial really helped me a lot! Now my friends are impressed with this cool feature and its modern design.–Tom Montgomery, College Student