Introducing Shoutbox 2.0

Recently we added some settings that change both appearance and usability of the shoutbox. They can be found in the new 'Look & Feel' section. Just sign in as admin of your shoutbox, go to Options → Manage to find them.
When we use all the new settings, we get a shoutbox that is so much different from the original version, that we decided to name it Shoutbox 2.0.
Now, let's compare the Classic version with the 2.0 version.

Classic version

  • Standard look – In this setting shoutbox is more relaxed and spacious. Nick is in separate line and avatar is on the right.
  • Bigger text area – This text area can fit up to 4 lines of text
  • Universal date format – It shows time passed from the shout
  • Round look – All elements have rounded corners, it looks smooth
  • Visible buttons – 3D Bootstrap buttons are elements of the appearance
  • Smileys as buttons – Smilies are shown as buttons together with Enter button
  • Date color – Date has the same color as shouts font

2.0 version

  • Compact look – This setting makes shoutbox more condense. Nick is together with message and avatar in centered on the left.
  • Smaller text area – This textarea can fit 2 lines of text
  • Date & time format – There is a specific date + exact time when the shout was sent
  • Square look – All elements have square corners, it gives totally new appearance
  • Buttons as links – The shoutbox looks more simple without buttons
  • Hidden smileys – Smileys can be within the text area or hidden in options
  • Separate font for date – There is possibiliy to specify the font color for date

We think that both versions are cool and are suitable for different purposes. The Classic version looks better when the shoutbox is bigger, whereas the new 2.0 one is crafted for tiny chats. Of course you can freely mix and match all those settings.

Which combination of settings do you think is best?

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