How do you call your shoutbox?

English language is now the most widely used language in the world. For many countries it is primary language, for some official and the rest of the world learns English to be able to communicate with other nations.

But even with the same language, we still use different words to describe the some things. Also, some words are impossible to translate into English and vice versa. One of such words is... shoutbox! According to wikipedia it can be called saybox, tagboard, chatterbox, chat box.

Some users call our shoutbox "cbox". When we asked them why they refer to our product as cbox they said "This is how we call this... cbox in our country" :) This is quite funny for us and we don't mind it as long as you enjoy using our service :)

How do you call shoutbox in your country? Let us know on our homepage chat.

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