Hurray, translation project completed!

This week we completed the translation project, which in total took about 3 months. Now YourShoutbox supports 16 languages – English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Malay, Finnish, Vietnamese and Hungarian...

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How do you call your shoutbox?

English language is now the most widely used language in the world. For many countries it is primary language, for some official and the rest of the world learns English to be able to communicate with other nations.

But even with the same language, we still use different words to describe the some things. Also, some words are impossible to translate into English and vice versa. One of such words is... shoutbox...

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Introducing Shoutbox 2.0

Recently we added some settings that change both appearance and usability of the shoutbox. They can be found in the new 'Look & Feel' section. Just sign in as admin of your shoutbox, go to Options → Manage to find them....

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It's your shoutbox, so create it your way!

This is our motto. However you want your shoutbox to look like, it is possible to achieve it!*

The idea of our shoutbox is that it should be able to create it with ease. Apart from that, it should be super customizable in settings and appearance. Well, that is not all – it also has to be secure and easy to manage...

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